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Crazy UFO

This is a new type of water attraction that resembles a round sofa that is towed by a motor boat or jetski into the water. It has become the most popular and preferred water attraction on the beach for the last few years, because it can provide both a relaxing ride for a family with young children and an extreme riding and jumping over the waves for those who need more adrenaline. The manner of towing depends on you and you have to tell your Instructor how fast and dynamic you want it to be.

The capacity is up to 5 people.

Sting ray

This water attraction is also towed by a motor boat or jetski and canseriously rise up the adrenaline level. Here passengers are no more sitting in a comfortable sofa but are lying on their bellies holding the handlebars in front of their faces… But we cannot promise anyone that he/she will manage to keep on board The Sting ray during the whole ride, hoho…. This attraction is favorite to younger and braver and those who need more adrenaline to live. It is very hard to hold on board when making curves or jumping on the waves but one thing is for sure, it will make you remember it and tell for your adventure to others. If you think yourself an extreme individual this is your challenge on the beach.

Capacity is up to four people.


Each additional person 100kn

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